Unlock your knowledge

“We do have that here somewhere, but where? For the life of me…”

“Hmm, the last one who that wrote that down was Marc.

He stopped working here three years ago.”

“Louise, how hard can it be to give me that data?

We’ve been working on it for years, haven’t we?”

Sound familiar? Then you’re not alone. Many of our clients were in the same situation until they came calling on us.
CMCL — Communication Magna Cum Laude, has a solution for all these situations.

Our way of working?

We start with the people, then the processes, then the tools!

Work with us

What we
can do

for you


Stimulate knowledge sharing

Build up a relationship of trust through a consistent approach and follow-up

Develop processes and follow-up tools

Support you

Knowledge is the only thing you can multiply by sharing it

Knowledge Management is a people business.
People who share knowledge and collaborate.

The process of knowledge management is closely related to change management, because it has a big impact on the organisation
in which it is applied.


What do you gain from it?

You stay on course

Your employees no longer have
to be able to read minds

Your employees don’t have to be fortune tellers

Everyone in your organisation gets the same instructions, everyone conveys the same vision

You will be able to address the causes of problems instead of treating the symptoms

Training time decreases

Your workload decreases  thanks to the documentation everyone knows how routine tasks should be carried out in your absence

Good documentation indicates that you are a professional company and that you care about what you do by documenting and analysing it.

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